Showing filter and control blog layouts of categories

Hi there. How can i control the layout of blog categories and put filter options for tags inside the category? I changes from x to Pro, and i know that these options normally cornerstone demo templates deliver. I hope that this function is also possible in x?

Hi @thegator,

Thanks for reaching out.

May I know which filters you’re currently referring? Or are those widgets? If yes, then please make sure your layout is set to Content - Sidebar in Theme Options > Layout and Design for a blog or global.

Then go to Admin > Appearance > Widgets and add your preferred widgets, like category and tag cloud widgets.


Hi Rad. No, not in widgets, just on archive pages and blog layouts.

Hello @thegator,

Please be advised that the Category Filter is only available in the blog index when using Ethos stack.

You cannot add a category filter for the archive pages.

Please check out this knowledge base article to know more about the Ethos options:

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