Show Attendees on Single Event Page

Hi ,I’m using Modern Events Calender latest addons and I want to show Attendees Avatars on Sidebar on Single Event Page.

Is there is anyone who can reply

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I am not sure what the Latest Add-ons is regarding the Modern Event Calendar, but if you want to add attendees you can use the MEC Single Sidebar Items widget and assign it to MEC SIngle SIdebar widget position. There you will have the option to show the Attendees:

Attendees are available only if you use the Booking module. For more information kindly read this article:

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Thanks For Reply But its not Showing Up the Attendees Ther in Sidebar even after i have enabled the Booking Module and in Attendee Module in Sidebar Too :slight_smile:

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In that case, we’ll have to gather information and see what’s happening on your setup. Would you mind providing your site’s URL and admin login credentials in a secure note?

It should display unless the sidebar is not assigned to single event pages.


As per my research it requires Buddypress to show the attendees there,if yes please confirm…


Is there is Anyone who can reply to my issue?

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Yes you are correct. Buddypress and Booking Module. See MEC & Buddypress video from this link: for guidance.

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