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Is there any way to edit a shop and product pages in Pro. There are no specific elements for products or anything. Please point me to any docs available.


Hi there,

The products single page is generated by the Woocommerce plugin and to change things around and customize that page you need to override the PHP file in your Child Theme.

That customization is outside of our support scope but you can continue learning about it here:

Also, this Google Search will help you get started.

For more information on how to customize the theme itself I suggest that you read the article below:

And finally, you can use the Cornerstone to customize the description section of the product by going to X > Cornerstone and adding the Product post type there and click the update button at the right section of the screen.:

Then you will have the option available for each Product edit page:

Thank you.

Hi Christopher,
Thank you for your reply. Yes I know, I just wanted to find some updated and relevant docs on PRO as I can only find reference to X theme.Thanks.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) In most cases, the Pro Child theme will not be updated. All your customizations should be place in the child theme so that it will not be overwritten when there is a Pro theme updates.

2.) We’ve added this as a feature request so it can be taken into consideration for future development.

If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Okay cool, thanks!

You’re welcome.

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