Settings cannot be saved

Hello support-team,

I have 2 major issues with the header, I am currently building in the header builder.

The first one:
I can’t position my the menu, taking the whole content width. The settings „fill space“ and „space between“ do not work in the menu-bar as they did in the logo-bar.
I tried almost every possibility, but the header-builder seems not to react, except with the setting „fill space equally“.
I had no problems, positioning the logo on the left and a button, that links to the english version of my website on the right in the upper logo bar.
Positioning the menu in the same way in the second bar, however, is impossible.
I tried to position the menu over the whole content width in your sample header and it worked, but it works not on my header. I cannot find any settings, that prevent this by limiting the usable width.

The second one:
I can’t save my settings., when I want to customize the navigation elements. This seems not only limited to these elements, but is affecting the whole header builder.
Saving the settings works only sporadically. Most of the time it fails.

What can I do, to solve these problems?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi @sirfrancis,

Thanks for writing in.

In this case, we could like to check your setup closer. Please share us your admin credentials so we could check your setup further.

Don’t forget to set it a secure note.


Hello Nico!

Problems solved!!!

I just made another try and now saving works - without doing anything else. Why it works now, I don’t know. Important is - it does! But I have difficulties, to open the header builder or my website. It takes a very long time to load. Perhaps this is a problem of my server, my wp-account or the internet connection, I guess. Firefox seems to be a bit faster than Safari, I usually use. I think, I should contact my hoster.

I was also successful with the positioning of the inline navigation. With Self Align „Stretch“ in Setup, „Fill Space“ in Self Flex, „Space Between“ in Flex Layout and „No Shrink“ in Items Flex I found the solution- by accident!
Okay, I am no professional webdesigner, so my learning curve with Pro is extraordinary. It is often very tricky, to find the right location for the settings, I intend to do.
A short manual where to find them and the logics behind would be very helpful, not only for me, but also for many other Pro users.

Thank you for your efforts.


Glad to hear that Franz.

For future reference you may check the following urls.

Themeco Knowledge Base

Third party sites