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I’m having a problem with my mobile version.
My website ( is a one page site with sections and the menu on the top will take the user to the chosen section.
On the desktop version everything works fine and when we press a menu button for a section the begining of each section appears right below the header.
In the mobile version (colapsed menu), every time i press a menu button on the menu, the section appears in the begining of the page and not below the header.
Is there any specific configuration to avoid this behavior?
I’m sending the credentials in secure mode.
Thank you very much for your time.
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Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! I have logged in and I can confirmed the issue. This is because SuperFly menu does not recognize the height of the custom header. Please do not use the SuperFly mobile menu and use the one which you have added in your custom header instead.

Please let us know how it goes.


Thanks for the reply.
Don’t know if understood what you write…
If I don’t use Superfly mobile menu how can I have a hiden menu with hamburguer button?
Thanks in advance.
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Hello Nuno,

Since you are using Pro Theme, you can always use the navigation collapse element to have a hidden menu with a hamburger button in your header. This menu will work with one page navigation.

Hope this make sense.

Thank you for your orientation!

I’m testing navigation collapse element and my first problem is with the links…
The first 7 links of the menu behave diferently from the last 4 - when i choose interaction color for the text it seems that the first 7 links assume the interaction color as the normal text color and vice versa for the last 4 links of the menu.
Can you help me with this strange behavior (probably i’m missing something…).
Thanks in advance.


Hi Nuno,

You need to change your menus to have only ids as links.

For example, for your Destaques menu.

Change link from to just #emdestaque


I am also trying to hide sections on mobile, however the way cornerstone is now, I am unable to figure out how it works. Back in the day you could click a button that says hide on mobile and boom, it worked, now those features are gone :frowning:


It’s now under Customize tab of your element.

You will be able to check mobile view by clicking on the mobile icon in lower left as indicated in the screenshot.


Hey Nuno,

No, you can’t use the same menu for your One Page and Site Wide. For the One Page setup, you need to use the fragment identifier or the # with the ID name only. For the rest of your pages (Site Wide), you will need to use the Full or Absolute URL. Using the full URL in a One Page setup will highlight all the links like what you have experienced. The One Page Navigation setup behaves that way ever since.


Thank you for the explanation!
Best regards,


You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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