Section background images not showing in editor

When I open a page with the x content editor my sections’ background images disapear and if i save it saves the page without te background images
I trided clearing browser cache and wordpress cache
x version: 5.2.5
wordpress version: 4.9.1

Hi There,

Please make sure Cornerstone is also updated to the latest version.

If it is, please make sure to flush the cache of any cache plugins you have.

If that does not help please provide your login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hello, I just added the secure note

Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials, your assessment on your “secure note” is right. Your site is still requesting the images from your development environment (/wp/ which are not existing anymore, right?).

Please try clearing all your caching plugins and caching feature.

If clearing cache did not work, then that means your migration process did not go quietly successful (how did you migrate the site? What plugin did you use?). If you can’t redo the migration process anymore, then I’m afraid that you need to re-set those background-images manually.

Or you can download your page template (.csl), then do a find and replace on the downloaded file. And upload it back after.

Hope it helps,

I tried cleaning all caches but it did not help
SiteGround did the migration. After that I used Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin.

Where are stored those page templates (cls) I tried to locate them but I had no luck.


Hi there,

If you are using the SuteGround then this might be the issue of their migration tool and our builder incompatibility. Kindly read the workaround for this at the very bottom of the article below:

If that did not help then you need to change all the URLs using a database search and replace plugin. I suggest that you check this:

Thank you.

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