Scrolling not clean

Hi, pls check

There is onepage scrolling which works nice, but not for the section kontakt.
If you click on “jetzt anfragen” in the faq section, you can see that the page is gonna be load again, instead of directly scrolling to the section.

Second question. If you enter the startpage you´ll see that in the navigation the home, the info button and the faq button is marked. I want to have marked only the home button when entering the page… Is there something wrong with the id´s / menue´s?

thx for help

Btw: Happy new year :grinning:

Hi Andre,

Happy New Year!

You need to create two menus, one for onepage navigation and one for your main menu

  1. Your OnePage Menu should only have ids as href.

Then Edit your Home Page and under page settings enable your OnePage Navigation

  1. While Main Menu should have full absolute url

You then need to set it as primary

For more information kindly refer to the link below

Hope that helps.

works great

You’re welcome.

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