Scrolling lightbox video help needed

We want to add a row with Vimeo & YouTube videos that each open in lightbox. The goal is to have 3 videos display and ability to scroll for more. We’re using Advanced Carousel and an image as the link (click the image, open the video in lightbox). YouTube videos look fine. But the Vimeo videos look strange (screenshot:
Questions are:

  1. Can we have Vimeo videos pop up in Lightbox within a carousel and look similar to the YouTube videos (screenshot:
  2. What’s causing the “double” video background as in the Vimeo screenshot above?
  3. If we’re using Visual Composer on this page, are there X Theme elements we can add instead of using all text to code for the videos?

Hey Sue,

Thanks for writing in. Regretfully, we do not have support for third party plugins so you should direct questions 1 and 2 to the plugin’s support.

For #3, there is no element that can achieve this but, The Grid or Essential Grid which has the features you need.

Both are bundled with X. For more details, please see the links below:


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