Save Element as Global Block?

I saw a post which answers my question:

But, it was a year ago and I just wanted to know if anything has changed. Can we save an element as a global block now?

Also, I couldn’t quite follow everything said in the answer:

There is no direct transfer from page builder to global templates. But, you can save your page as a template and go to global templates and add it.

Plus, you can select sections of you wishes to save as templates

So, I have two buttons in a custom header that I would like to use as global elements in other pages. It’s actually in a container and I wouldn’t mind saving the container as a global block and using that instead of each button.

Can someone walk me through how I can get it into a global block or a workaround? I saved my header as a template and I could see it in Template Manager, but, I didn’t see any option to edit it.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for writing in, first, you need to save your Section (that contains your two buttons)

Highlight only the section that you want to be a part of that content template.

Then navigate to Global Blocks (Pro > Global Blocks) and Add New.

Open/edit that new Global Block and load your template.

Save your Global Block and you can now use that Global Block to your pages as a shortcode or as a Global Block element.

Template Manager
Global Blocks

Hope it helps,

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