Same Height for Rows

Hey there,

I have a simple Question but dont find a simple solution on X Theme right now…

I want to set to colums in a row at the same height. In other Themes I use there is an option for “same height for row” in the element settings.

How can I do rows same row but dont use absolute px or something.
I already tried inline-css like height:1250px or 65em etc… But on some breakpoints (when i decrease the browser window) the text is longer than the background color. How can I set the colums same height but guarantee that the text is always inside of the box.

This Link for example:

-> Colums in same height should be the two with brown background-color.

I need a general solution cause I use X Theme very often and I want to optimize the other sides as well.

Thanks for help and best greetings
Andy / EIGENARTdigital

Hi Andy,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please try following this post and implement it accordingly (

We also have a separate guide on how to make equal height columns here (

Hope that helps.

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