Revolution slider not showing my edits

Many thanks for your help:

After I installed extended demo content, only the default slider content shows on the front page. However, in the slider editing screen, I see my edits and not the default “Vimeo Hero” title.

How do I get my edits to overwrite the slider on the front page?


Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! I tried to check your site but you forgot to share the username with us. For your initial query it looks like a cache issue. Clear all caches including browser cache then deactivate your caching plugins and other optimization plugins. If you’re using a CDN, please clear the CDN’s cache and disable optimization services.

Regarding your other query, this may help you in editing the content or please see

Hope this helps!

How do I clear caches per your suggestions (other than browser cache, which I did and that didn’t work)? I dont use a CDN - that I know of!

Again, slider was recognizing my edits until I changed stacks and installed demo content.

User name is in secure note…

Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials, I did go ahead and resolve your issue with the slider not showing your edits. It was not a caching issue, it’s just your Slider Settings: Below Masthead needs to be reset.

Please clarify, what formatting you’re referring to, your homepage looks fine to us.


Thank you for the slider fix!

The “Recordings” spacing is not the same as the “Retreats” spacing - can you make it the same? When I look at the layout structure, I see my additions as running out of their containers. That can’t be right, and why I can’t make spacing equal between those two elements in that section?

Hi there,

The Retreats are Recordings are elements in the same section. The space above the Retreats heading is the top padding added to the section container of both elements which is 100px.

To add a space to the top area of the Recordings heading, you may add margin-top: 100px; to the style field of the Recordings headline element. But please note that initially, that will not create any space because you the class man added to the same element. That class means margin all none so it will eliminate any margin set to the element so kindly remove that class as well.

You can find more info about the X ready classes here:

Hope this helps.

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