Revolution Slider Loading to Blank Section

Working with Revolution Slider on our homepage, which was working flawlessly for a few months. The page template is set to No Container, Header, Footer. Recently, the revolution slider has been loading to a blank section instead of propagating the original content. Have tried disabling plugins to locate conflicts, duplicating slider, etc. with no luck. Any help appreciated! Site in question below.


I recommend you use slider below masthead instead of the slider element

That way is goes full width and not contain in a container.

Then make sure you have the following versions.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Paul, I switched the settings as you specified and am still getting the same results. The slider is only showing (partially) in Safari, with Chrome and Firefox displaying nothing. Could you provide some more insight? All plugins are up to date and the versions have been cross checked with the list you supplied.

Hey There,

Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials

All the best!

Secure note added to last reply, thanks guys.

Hi There,

Thank you but your slider shows up on my end (IE, FF, Chrome), please clarify how we can replicate the issue.

Though I am seeing an error on your site with regards to Facebook pixel (, please address that as that might be a cause for a conflict.