Revolution Slider Errror


I installed the Expanded demo: Education. But the Revolution Slider is not showing up where it is supposed to show up – at top of the homepage. Instead an error message shows up in its place saying: "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias education-home not found. ". I uninstalled the plugin and then re-installed, but with the same result.

What can I do now?

Also, would it be possible to use a different, much smaller and lightweight Slider plugin (other than Rev slider) with the Expanded demo: “Education”? In other words, can the Rev Slider be replaced with another smaller Slider plugin (eg. Soliloquy) in the Expanded demo: “Education”? If possible, then which and how?


Hi there,

Yes, you can use Soliloquy with X, in fact Soliloquy comes with X plugin bundle. Go to X > overview and from there you can install Soliloquy.

Regarding revolution slider issue, Sliders must be setup separately from the demo content as they are part of the Revolution Slider plugin. For information on how to setup various types of sliders to use with the theme, be sure to check out the article in the Knowledge Base that covers this.


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