Revolution slider and pro header

Hi - Disabled all plugins and tried, same issue.

Added secure note with access details. Please let me know if you need anything further. Thank you.

Hello There,

We have tried to login. Regretfully the credentials is not working for us. It seems that the username is invalid. Could you please double check it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi - Please try again.

I have the exact same issue - neither Essential Grids nor Sliders will display in the header using the text element nor the content elements.

With the text element and an Essential Grid short code it shows the loading icons briefly, then displays nothing. Very similar experience with Layerslider shortcodes. I'll include my login info in a follow up comment.

@jasonixr, I deleted your Secure Note. The thread author can see the secure note. Please open a separate thread for your issue or you can wait for the results of our finding if this is a bug.


@z1z1z1, I see it doesn't work. I've replicated this in my test site also so this must be a bug. I tried combinations of Slider Revolution settings but it won't display. Simple shortcodes like the Custom Headline though. I'll forward this to our development team. Please don't use shortcodes that output complex display for now.


Thank you for the reply and update.

You're welcome.

Hi - Have an idea on how long for this to be resolved?

Regretfully, we don't yet have a timeframe for this.

Checking in on the progress of this. I incorporated this feature into a design for a project I'm working on, which the client has signed off on and is hence expecting. thanks!

Hi guys,

You can't really add complex layout within header due to flex styling. Though, I'm pretty sure our developers are thinking and working on some work around on this. But if it's just about the slider, then you can always do the usual way, by assigning your slider to above or below masthead. The slider meta box settings should be available when you edit your page or by going to cornerstone's builder settings.


It’s been a year since this item became an issue. Is there still no way to include Rev Slider into the Pro Header?

Hello There,

At the moment, you can only add a Rev Slider in the custom header builder as a shortcode. There isn’t a Rev Slider element available for the header as of this time.

Thanks for understanding.

Hello @RueNel ,
i’ve tried to put the Rev Slider shortcode into the custom header builder content area field, but nothing happened.
Is there any solution for that?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the confusion. In X 6, Pro 2, and Cornerstone 3 which was released on March 2018, the Third Party Plugin Previews were blocked in the builder. To know the reason why, please read

Thank you for understanding.

hi there.
if i understand that correctly the rev-slider should show in the published page but not in the preview in the header builder. but in my case the slider does not show at all. also no text message. i use the short code in a text field.
why i want this and not the above masthead solution, is that i can then better choose on which devices the slider is being displayed since i can use the same settings as with any other element in the header builder. if i use the rev-slider with above masthead i have to use the sliders settings for that and they differ from the header builder options.
thanks for updating on this! best wishes, kai

Hi @iTurtle,

In that case, it’s not related to this current issue. It could be javascript or cache related since the live page is also affected, I recommend opening a new thread about this and provide your site’s URL and login credentials in a secure note.


thanks rad! i will open a new thread. thanks, kai

You’re most welcome!