Revision Plugin Compatible With Cornerstone

Is there a plugin that will allow for already published pages to get page updates approved before being published through cornerstone. I have found some plugins that work when doing HTML edits but not when editing a page in cornerstone. I am looking for some process that will allow a change to be approved before updating the published page. Been hunting for a while but have not had any luck. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Matt,

We do not have any suggestions regarding that case. In general, that should not be related to the Page Builder that you use and more of the page or post structure of WordPress which Cornerstone does follow the same rules.

The nest case scenario should be a user role that can not publish and only can add drafts. I think the Contributor user role does exactly that:

So you can simply go to X/Pro > Settings > Permission and then from the Permissions section you can select the elements the contributor can use:

For more information about the Permissions please check here.

Thank you.

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