Returning problems with update of WP Bakery

I have bought two versions of X-Theme for two different websites.
On both sites I cannot update WP Bakery.
I always gets the messages. Update failed.
Now I tried to delete WP Bakery completely and ad my X-theme again, but that just means that my WP Bakery is gone - what to do?

Hi There,

You are most likely trying to update to a version beyond the compatible with the theme.

With all our bundled plugins we try to hide the plugin update message, unfortunely sometimes the plugins still will show you the update message, since the versions bundled with theme wont be available yet on the same version you wont be able to update it.

You can follow the latest compatible version on our version compatibility page:

If you are still facing issues, please access your site via FTP and remove visual composer from wp-content/plugins and go back to your wp admin dashboard > X and install it again.

Hope it helps

Where would I get to wp-content/plugins to remove v composer from WP Bakery? Path?

Hi There,

Its on that path root/wp-content/plugins/ the js_composer folder that is the Visual Composer. Delete that and re-install it from the X > Overview > Extensions


I did find the correct js_composer folder, deleted it, and installed from X. But…it still shows in the Plugins list as by WP Bakery. Is this an issue?

Hi There,

No, that’s fine. WPBakery Page Builder is the actual name of that plugin, if the version that is installed now is 5.4.3, then your good.

Can I ask a question? Why not use the Cornerstone, It’s the native Page Builder of the X theme.


I am trying. Whenever I launch a page to edit with Cornerstone and add a Section, I have a fight from then on. I can’t split a row into columns. Nothing visible happens when I try to do that. I try to drag an element into the Sec/Row/Column and nothing happens. I figured it was a conflict. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Suzanne,

Please open a new thread explain your situation briefly and provide your login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


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