Return Pro license

I purchase Pro license 3 day ago but it’s to complicated for me, I want return the Pro license and buy X instead, how can i do that?


Hi there,

I wonder if you gave Pro a chance by checking the tutorials of the header/footer builder?

Please be advised that we are here to help you out getting started with the theme and if you have any questions or problems we will do our best to answer and link you to proper articles and videos.

If you are certain about this we will ask one of our leadership team members to contact you regarding the process.

Thank you.

Yeah I played with it all weekend…

Hi There,

I am forwarding this request to the responsible sector.

Just have in mind that PRO and X are quite similar at this point. The big advantage of PRO is the header and footer builder which you are not obliged to use if you find too overwhelming to start it.

On Pro > Theme Options > Header / Footer you can choose to use Classic Header and Footer which will make your PRO theme pretty much like X.

X Does offer demo content which Pro does not, although we have just implemented on the last release the design cloud on Pro > Templates > Design cloud which offers a a good number of page and elements presets.

If you change your mind let us know, anyway your request has already been forwarded.


Thank you for your consideration.
At this point I would like to start with the X that allows me to use demo content and presets. I believe that later on when I am more confident in my skill of working with X I will go for PRO.

Hi there,

No problem, I’ve gone ahead and cancelled the license and processed a refund for you. Please be aware that it may take 3-5 business days to appear in your account.

Thanks for trying Pro and we’ll be more than happy to assist you again should you need it.

Have a great day!

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