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I don’t understand how to show and hide elements on my website using media queries. I am using a Pro license now - I seem to remember this being very easy before in X with hide / show buttons for different devices on each element. With Pro I am mystified as to how I am supposed to achieve this. I have searched the forums and knowledge base for hours.

For example say I have an image element in Pro. How am I supposed to hide / show this on different devices depending on the width of the device? I don’t see any controls to do this. So do I need to target it with CSS - because I don’t see anywhere to actually add a unique ID or class to the image?

What am I missing here???


Hey Tim,

All V2 Element including structural elements like the Bar, Container, Section, Row, Column has a Hide During Breakpoints option. For more details, please see

We’re sorry if there’s no detail for this in the Knowledge Base. But, the KB is currently being updated so more information might continually become available.


Hi Christian,

You are right. I can clearly see what I was looking for under the customise tab. Sorry - one of those days! Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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