Responsive text not reacting

Hi support.

I have a problem with the responsive text.

I have made this responsive text:

And assigned the class to my header (the big white one):

But it’s not reacting. A couple of hours before this problem the responsiveness worked. But after i made some changes, it suddently just stopped reacting.

What to do? Can i assign a !important tag somewhere to the responsiveness of the headline?

Hi coedam,

Please go to the Responsive Text options and change the selector from .bbb to .bbb h1

The reason for that is that the headline element h1 tag renders with a wrapper element which the class you added is added to the wrapper, and to focus the font size to the h1 tag you need to change the selector.

For more information about the correct selectors of different elements please read this article.

Thank you.

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