Resizing responsive lightroom


is ti possible to resize the response lightroom? this is my code:

<p>[x_icon type="check" class="checkmark"]&nbsp;&nbsp;Automatically test <a href="" class="lightbox-go"> Test</a> other text</p>

Mine currently always opens up in full screen.

Hey @fxground,

Your current setup is just a link. Here’s the instruction to setup a lightbox:

Scroll down to the Video Lightbox Setup section.

Hope that helps.

Hello, yes I did see that before - just didn’t see anywhere in there on how to resize the window… I just went over it again - maybe i’m missing something?

Hello @fxground,

Thanks for updating in! Resizing the window of the lightbox will require custom css something like this:

.ilightbox-holder div.ilightbox-container {
    max-width: 420px;
    max-height: 400px;

.ilightbox-holder div.ilightbox-container img {
    height: auto;

Feel free to adjust the maximum width and height.

Ahhhh ok thank you, that makes sense.

We are happy to help,


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