Resetting to Agency

Hi, I am using x theme on a site for the first time. I keep trying to change the demo site and it keeps reverting back to Agency, every time I change it. I have tried resetting my Wordpress already which is the only fix I could find on the forum.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Once the Agency demo is imported, most of the Agency pages, images and etc will be available even if you just re imported the Integrity Demo 1 or Ethos Demo 1. If you want to start anew just like a fresh install, you can simply do a WordPress Reset. You can do that by installing WordPress Reset plugin ( which will reset your installation to a fresh new start.

Hope this helps.

Like I said, I already tried a reset and it did the same thing again.


After resetting your site, you tried to load another demo but it still reverts back to Agency?

Try to clear demo cahe by adding &clean-cache to your URL

For example:

For more information kindly refer to the link below

If that doesn’t help, please provide us admin login in Secure Note


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