Request for Refund

I purchased X and upgraded to Pro. just a few days ago. I would like to request a refund. The theme is oriented to business websites and I am in the health and wellness niche. I would prefer to go with a different theme. Please let me know if you can refund me.

Thank you.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for writing in!

Pro Theme is a framework that can be used to design and developed websites catering to different sectors. You are not limited to a specific niche while using Pro Theme. It has the necessary tools like Header and footer builder and content builder that can be used to create global and or page specific header and footers. Content builder can be used to design page layout using it’s elements.

In the KB and our YouTube channel we are publishing tutorials that can be referred to further explore the possibilities. We have customers using Pro Theme to run there Health and Fitness website. I am sharing few getting started resources that you can take a look.

In you could let us know the problems you are facing while using Pro Theme, that why we can assist you in right direction.

Please don’t consider my reply to be a delay tactics when it comes with refund. It’s just that we genuinely want to help you out with your online presence using Pro Theme.


Thank you @Prasant,
But I think I would rather go with a refund. I am new to WP and am following a course on Udemy. I can’t follow it with this theme. I should have learned WP before purchasing Pro. I might be back after I get up to speed because I have heard a lot of good things.
Learning WP and all of this is just too much right now.

Hi Paul,

Very well. I have refunded the conversion fee from X to Pro that you paid directly with us, and reverted your license to the originally purchased X license. Please note that the refund may take 3-5 business days to reach your account.

Envato/ThemeForest handle all requests related to X since we sell our product through their marketplace. You can learn more about their refund process here:

Before you do that, I would encourage you to check out the expanded demo called ‘Spa’ which is available with your X license. You can see what this looks like here: This might be a good starting point for your health and wellness site.

Either way, thanks for trying X and Pro, and have a great day.

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