Replacing page by template

hi there,
i just wanted to say that i also miss the template-replaces-page-content functionality (
i scratched my head for a while figuring out where it went…
so the other thing is i had a hard time finding a documentation of the template feature and just stumbled by chance about it in the mentioned topic.
what is the intended way to find some help for x features?
thanks a lot! best regards, kai

Hi Kai,

Kindly check this KB article which explains the Template Manager in details:

Hope this helps.

hi jade!
thanks for your fast reply!
like i said. i found that article.
but my question is quite literally where do i find a kind of documentation of features? how would i proceed having a question about working with templates? where is the treasure of knowlege hidden? :wink:
thanks again! kai

Hi Kai,

We’re in the process of revamping our knowledge base section with newly introduced features and updates. While you’re waiting for that, you can always review our existing knowledge base section here ( which you may already know.

But the best place to find out new features is our change-log here ( which has all the necessary information. For example, you can see our dynamic content feature explained here (

If you have a specific question, you can always use our support forum here.


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