Removing the white space above content on a page

I’m trying to remove this space and can’t figure it out, I think it came in place after removing the page title.

Hello @troyassoignon,

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The space is coming from the default top margin of the h2 element that you are using. Please edit your page and change the title with this code:

<h2 class="mtn">Business Inquiries</h2>

mtn means Margin Top None. The rest of the element spacing can be reviewed from this article:

Hope this helps.

Getting closer it moved a bit, I still have another headline sized space sitting there though.

Another other way to fix that?

Hello @troyassoignon,

To resolve the remaining gap, please add the following CSS code in the X > Theme Options > Global CSS (

.page-template-default .entry-content.content {
    margin-top: 0;

We would loved to know if this has work for you. Thank you.

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