Remove top navbar of template

Hi, I am using the band template and I only require a one page landing page. I want to remove the navbar that links to the other pages. How do i do that? I cannot find the selection to delete it in the inspector.

Hey @jalenong,

You can switch to a page template that has no header like the Blank No Container | No Header, Footer. For more details, please see Situational Page Meta Options at


Hey @christian_y,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Two more questions"

  1. If you see the snapshot I attached, the layout only shows the body. How can I see and edit the layout of the header. Actually I want to keep the header with the logo, I just don’t want the menu.
  2. Where is the hompage of Cornerstone documentation where I can search for articles like the one you shared?


Hi again,

#x-btn-navbar, .x-nav-wrap.desktop {
    display: none !important;

Hope this helps!

Hey, that’s most useful!

What if I want to edit the links on the navbar? I could see the layout for the navbar. Only the layout for the body.

Hi There,

To edit the link of the menu please go to Dashboard -> appearance -> menus,
There you can change the menu item or links.

Designing the menu layout is limited to the X theme user. You can try changing the layout and color in Theme Option -> Header

Hope this helps!


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