Remove the x-nav-articles from template


i´d like to remove the x-nav-articles from the template page (posts).

Can you help me with that?


Hi There,

To achieve this, we need a child theme.

This will also depend on which stack you’re using at the moment. In case you are using Ethos stack, please copy, _content-post-header.php from this folder: wp-content\themes\x\framework\views\ethos to your child theme here:
wp-content\themes\x-child\framework\views\ethos. Then open the copied file and delete the following line: <?php x_entry_navigation(); ?>

In case you are using Icon or Integrity, that function is added on the following files:

Same process, just copy the file on the same folder on your child theme and then delete the line of code.

Hope this helps.

hey there,
yes, that helped me :slight_smile:

thank you

You are most welcome. :slight_smile: