Registering Themes and Updating Plugins


I have a question about why only 3 of my licenses (of 4) are “free for pro”. We are working updates, including plugins but are having problems. Please advise on how to fix the registration issues.

Are the plugins separately updated, apart from the theme?

Thank you in advance.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, you can convert your X to PRO license for free, if you purchased that license prior to the release of PRO which is APRIL 2017. Read more about X To Pro Conversion here.

You’re referring to the plugins (extension) that come with the Theme right? Yes, it has a separate update but it will come from us. If you have validated your Theme and you can not update any of the extensions then that means either you have an outdated theme/cornerstone, and/or your extension itself is outdated.

If you have an outdated theme then you need to update it manually. You can follow the Manual X Update Via FTP provided here, you can download the theme installer (.zip file) from the APEX dashboard.

After a successful update navigate to Plugins panel, deactivate and delete the Cornerstone. Then navigate immediately to X > Validation, X will automatically re-install the Cornerstone version that is bundled with it. Then you can now re-validate your Theme.

To update the Extensions to the version that is supported by the theme:

- Ensure your theme is validated so Extensions can be installed automatically
- Deactivate and delete the extensions, from the plugins panel.
- On the X > Validation > Extensions locate and install the extensions that you need.
- Visit "Plugins" panel in your Dashboard to activate the newly installed version.

Because all of the plugin settings are stored in the database, and because version 2.x will migrate settings from older versions, its safe to use this method of deleting the previous version. But always keep a backup of your entire site just to be safe.

Remember to clear all caches (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache) after updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Hope that shed some lights,

Okay, this is still a little unclear. We have a 4 licenses. The site we are working on now shows up in the list of licenses. Our understanding is that the regular license should get us updates since we purchased it. That was the deal when we bought it. But when we go to our site in the X area, it says it is NOT validated. Why is it showing up if it’s not validated?

The site is I was trying to move it up to one of the free upgrades to pro in case that might solve our problem.

Please help us figure out why the site says the licenses is validated and explain why we need pro to do updates if we already purchased the theme license?


Please also note, when I clicked on the Free upgrade to Pro, it took me to checkout with the normal cost of the upgrade in the cart. Doesn’t seem to be free?

Hi There,

Your license that is assigned to is not eligible for free PRO conversion because you’ve purchased that June 2017 which is beyond the PRO release date, unlike your other 3 licenses which you purchased way back (2016 & 2014) so those are eligible for free PRO conversion.

When your license is eligible for free conversion, you should get that pop-up below when you click the Go Pro: Free button.

This site ( is using X Theme, you don’t need to convert your license to PRO just to activate it. To validate your X Theme navigate to X > Overview and input your license in the input field and hit enter.

After you successfully validate the X Theme, navigate to Dashboard > Update and hit the Check Again button.

All available updates, including the X Theme update, should show below on that page, and you can now update that from there.

If you’re still having issue validating the X Theme, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


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