Refund Request - Tom James

Hello ,

Purchased X Pro and really not happy with how it is working after just two days. I’d like to request a refund please.
Alternatively I’ll contact my bank and instruct them to cancel the transaction. ]


Hello Tom,

Thanks for asking.

Can you please let us know the issues you are facing while using Pro Theme? If you can let us know the problems you are facing, we will try our level best to assist you with the same.

Pro Theme has excellent documentations and video tutorials that you can take a look to get started.


I’m afraid for me it’s just too complex and doesn’t work how I expected in terms of ease of use - nothing personal. Please explain how I cancel and get a refund.

Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear Pro was not suitable for you. I have gone ahead and cancelled the license and processed a refund. Please note that it may take 3 - 5 business days in order to reach your account.

Thanks for trying Pro, and have a great day!

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