Refund - PRO/X theme


I purchased the X theme on Themeforest and then upgraded it to PRO theme. However, the theme is too complex for me and not what I was expecting.

I wish to apply for a refund. How can I do that?


Hey Matic,

Sorry to hear that you’re finding it complex. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that with all software, there comes a learning curve, but once you get past that, Pro will give you an awesome level of control over your site design.

We’ve got some articles that will help you to learn the ropes. You can find them here:

However, if you’re getting stuck with something specific, we’d be happy to work through it with you. Just let us know where you’re having an issue, and we’ll get right back to you…


Hi Matt,

I appreciate your help. However I tested the theme for 2 months now and went through the articles but it’s just not the right tool for my purposes. I don’t see myself using it in the near future and that’s why I am asking how to apply for a refund.

Hope I get an answer.


Hi Matic,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately after 3 months, we’re unable to provide a refund. It’s a shame if Pro truly isn’t the right fit for you, but if you haven’t found an alternative, I’d still love to try and assist you. Pro is an incredibly flexible framework, and you can pretty much create whatever look you’re after, so if it is just that you were unable to figure out how to achieve a particular look, I’m confident our team can help you to get there.

We remain on hand if you’d like to take me up on my offer of assistance.

Hi Matt,

thanks again for your offer. But I already decided on an alternative. I still believe that Pro is a good theme but if it’s not [working properly] ( for me and the support says “we can not fix it” then the tool just isn’t usable.

I posted this 4 days after the 3 months have passed since the purchase. So it’s basically a minor technicality.

I ask you kindly again how to apply for a refund?


Hi Matic,

I apologise if my previous message did not communicate my meaning clearly enough, but I was not suggesting that we have a 3 month refund period that you narrowly missed. Rather I was simply pointing out that 3 months is well beyond a period that we would consider a refund.

Just to clarify a point from the thread that you mentioned, this is a hosting related issue, not a theme issue. There isn’t something for us to fix and a solution was given, so there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from using the product.

Hopefully you’ll have an opportunity to use our theme in the future, at which point we’ll be delighted to provide any assistance that you may need.

Hi Matt,

what period is then fine for you to consider for a refund? And where is this information publicly available?

Of course, it is a theme issue … been working with over dozen of WP themes and none had a hosting issue. From the support forum is clear that cornerstone has some issues with hosting and you just blame it on others.

Anyway I ask politely for a contact that handles refunds or that you forward this to an appropriate person. Otherwise, I will be forced to dispute the issue with my bank.

Hi Matic,

Your thread was passed to me directly, since I am the contact who handles such matters. We are not obliged to provide refunds on digital downloads and do not have a published time period regarding same. Refunds are given at our discretion but we do try to show grace in our decision making and take each case on its merits, of which proximity to the purchase date is one consideration.

I appreciate it’s frustrating when a decision is taken that you do not necessarily agree with, but I do believe I have been both reasonable and courteous in my dealings with you.

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