Refund possible?


I bought this them because I liked a couple of the demos. After demo import everything is scattered around and I think I have to work many hours just to understand how it is setup. I want to find another theme where I don’t have to spend many hours on setting it up to getting it to look at least similar to the demo.

So I wonder if it’s possible to get a refund? I will not use the theme as it’s to complicated to use, not giving the option of importing a demo like it’s shown on the themforest site, wanted to use icon3.

Hi Geir,

We are sorry to hear that you are getting issues getting started with the theme.

If you import the Standard demo where Icon 3 is included, you will get the homepage with some filler contents which you can replace with you own content.

If you want all pages to be included, you can import one of the Extended Demos which will give you all the pages and content that is in the demo.

In case you still want to have a refund, since you have purchased the theme in ThemeForest, you will have to request for refund there since you settled the payments in Envato.

All sales are handled through ThemeForest, and their parent company Envato handles all refund requests. You can read more about their process here.


“If you import the Standard demo where Icon 3 is included, you will get the homepage with some filler contents which you can replace with you own content.”

The homepage does not look like the icon 3 demo at all. The blog page have almost the same layout but the frontpage looks like a standard wordpress blog setup after the first install. Section with articles to teh right is missing and so on. That was the thing that disapointed me the most. I dont care about images, text or any of that because i can fix that my self and its pretty natural if you want your own content to make your own text and images. but, when the layout doesent even look like the demo, i feel there is no demo import at all on this theme. The full version demos are pages that have looks that are far from the one i want, so only useable for those going that direction.

I cant understand that there is a section in the guide that says this theme does demos like no one else, when it’s the first theme out of 30-40 themes ive bought at envato that doesent have a ok demo import and only imports some setting wich is far from enough to make the demo look like what you expect before purchase.

There are so many elements in this theme that it makes it really complicated to get a grip on how things are setup, thats why its so important to get a demo import that can show you how things look and then learn from it and the functionalities of the theme. Even though its a drag and drop theme, its really overwhelming in terms of options and i have no clue how to find the exact setup like icon3…

Is there a way you could at least show me a tutorial to get the homepage to look like the demo? I dont need the images and text, thats replacable. I just need to know wich plugins, wich features are used to get it to look like it does on the demo. Its not a lot to ask for i think, all themes on themeforest have this option, never seen any that doesent :slight_smile:

I have added two images that show how it looks like for me after demo import compared to what you say about getting a home page that looks like the demo but with filler content.

Kind regards

added image 2 here as i could only add 1 image to a post…and this is how i expect to see the layout, with filler content (aka not the images and text used in the demo but with filler content like all other thems on envato). all I am asking for is to get a home page after demo import that at least look similar in layout as the real demo. I honestly don’t think that is to much to expect from a modern theme from envato these days.

Hi Geir,

You can check our knowledge base here It may not have the exact tutorial for demo editing/creation but the standard and features are the same. It might not be possible to learn overnight but worth it in the long run. And before we continue, please check the two type of demo here

I assume the filler you’re referring is a full-blown demo. The filler we’re referring are placeholders which means your first screenshot is correct for standard demo. It’s intended not to be exactly the same as online standard demo. The standard demo is just a placeholder/skeleton which you should fill or change. It’s for the user that wishes to start with minimal structures, and if you’re looking for full-blown demo then I recommend importing the expanded demos instead.

We can’t provide the entire procedures in single thread for creating it from scratch, but we can help you bit by bit for every feature and how-to depending on the specific stage of what you’re editing. It’s better that way since it’s a lot to take in all the features at the same time, our theme is a theme framework and meant for development so it has a lot of feature. And even with the full-blown demo, I’m sure it’s still challenging to someone who is just starting to learn about its features and capabilities as per forum experiences :slight_smile:

We’ll be more happy to help you with your questions about the theme and its features. See you :slight_smile:



I managed to find the settings for a sidebar on the frontpage, but how to i get the sidebar recent post to show images? Are you using a custom widget? It’s all a guess as i have no clue how you buildt the demo page.

Hey Geir Ove,

The sidebar used the Recent Posts shortcode inside a text widget to display the feature images from the recent posts items. You can check out the shortcode here:

You can add a widget for your sidebar in Appearance > Widgets or in Appearance > Customize > Widgets.

Hope this helps.


Great, found it and it works well, exept I cant see the image i have added to the post. Any reason for this?
Tried to add it as bg image and normal post image

Thanks for good help
Geir Ove

Hey Geir Ove,

The Recent Posts shortcode uses the Post Featured Image. It can’t get images posted in the content, regretfully.

Hope that helps.


Weird, tried that at first and it didnt show up so thats why i asked but it worked when i tried now so all good then :slight_smile:

One issue with this is that the image is always scaled up to full size in the blogpost and there is no option to hide the featured image, and show only a image added via the post editor.

I want to keep this post open until i get comfortable with some og the functions here, great support and really fast so i am happy about that :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Hi again Geir Ove,

Regretfully, there’s no option yet to hide the featured image in the single post. We could hide it using custom CSS for now. Please add this block of code in WP Admin Menu > X > Theme Options > CSS.

.single-post .format-standard  .entry-featured {
    display: none;

In the future, using the planned Layout Builder, you can build a custom single post so you can opt not to include a featured image. You can read about our plans in our News Archive.

Hope that helps.


Sorry for my late reply on this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the advice, I will try this :slight_smile:

Another thing i wonder is that if i want a page to display the latest posts, is there a way to keep the pagination?

Lets say i set 5 posts to be visible but you can go furter on pagination? If not I have to go to archive to see older posts, seems like the pagination only works on default post page?

Geir Ove

Hi Geir,

I would appreciate if you open up a separate thread to follow up on the point that I am going to give as it might open up a whole new case that might need the follow-up.

Unfortunately, the Recent Posts element does not support pagination. If you want to have full-featured posts outside the normal WordPress Archive, you might need to consider using the Essential Grid plugin. Please kindly read about the plugin here.

Here is a video talking about creating Posts Grid which you need to follow up:

And here is another documentation about the pagination:

I also need to reiterate my colleague that the ultimate solution will be to have the Layout Builder which will be available in the future releases of our theme.

Thank you.

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