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Hi, I’m trying to chose the right stack for our needs. I’m using renew at the moment but we’d like the logo to appear in the middle of the header, not to the left. What would be the best way to achieve that?

Hi @Gigcoyle,

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There are a lot of ways to add your logo in the middle but I believe that the best ways to do it is by using PRO or in your X > Theme Options > LOGO AND NAVIGATION > LAYOUT > Stacked .

Using Pro, you can manage your arrangement or position of all the elements that you want to add in your header. You can check the link below for more details about PRO builder.

Using theme options, go to your X > Theme Options > LOGO AND NAVIGATION > LAYOUT > Stacked

The theme option above will arrange your menu and logo in the middle.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks, pro does look good but we don’t really have the resources to buy another license at the moment, I bought a second X one just last week for our other site. Is there something else I can try?

Hi There,

In that case, you will need to contact a developer for customize it accordingly.

One option would be to add the logo in the middle of your menu item, then you can hide the main logo using CSS.

.x-brand.img {
    display: none;

Hope that helps.

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