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I’m trying to create a sidebar with recent posts categories “events” and “news” to homepage under column “News and Events”.

I’m selected the categories in the new side bard and saved the sidebar.

Now, when I try to use this sidebar widget in the home page, the widget doesn’t appear at all.

I tried it a different way, I tried to add recent posts from the cornerstone, but it only limits 4 and I’m looking for at least 5 to 6.

I tried a different way, I tried to use text box in cornerstone and use recent posts short code with count 5 and no featured image, vertically alligned. But when I do that the last post falls out of the column layout.

Hi There @harish

Thanks for writing in! By default, recent posts will be limited to 4 items. However you can use the offset parameter to display more than 4 posts.

Follow the example below.
[recent_posts count="4" orientation="horizontal"]
[recent_posts count="4" orientation="horizontal" offset="4"]
[recent_posts count="4" orientation="horizontal" offset="8"]

Please refer to our documentation for more information (

Hope that’s clear.

no luck.
[recent_posts no_image=“true” orientation=“vertical” offset=“5”]
[recent_posts count=“5” no_image=“true” orientation=“vertical” offset=“5”]

Hi There,

Would you like to remove the right margin? Please add this custom CSS under Theme Options > CSS:

.home .x-recent-posts {
    margin: 0 0 5px;

Let us know how it goes!

Okay. Now I’m able to align the blog posts using the customer css but I want both black column and white column have same amount of height. I tried adjusting the padding of the column but it automatically adjusts to the height according the content inside it. Now, I tried using Gap from cornerstone but then when it goes responsive and see on a bigger screen or a mobile screen, they don’t look like they both have the same height again.

How to make two columns look alike in height no matter what screen users sees it on and not matter how much content is in the column?


Hello There,

You can make two columns to have the same height by following this thread:

Hope this helps.

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