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My website has had many revisions plugins installed to test so i feel it is bloated i wanted to do a fresh Wordpress install and re build the site on that fresh install to make the size lighter and remove the junk my question is to make he build go faster if i save each page as a template and import it into the fresh build and i know ill have to manually copy css will it bring over the crap I am trying to get rid of if so am i better off rebuilding each page manually I am going to basically keep same pages and plugins thanks in advanced.


That will work, you may export your pages as templates and also your theme Options settings.

For more information, please refer to the link below


what do you mean by theme settings what exactly could i i transfer settings wise i don’t want to bring over the junk if you know what i mean.

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That depends if you feel that there are a lot of unnecessary elements and unnecessary custom CSS on your pages, then you better off to rebuild that pages from scratch. Try to build your pages using the native options of elements, don’t use custom CSS or custom JS as possible.

Evaluate your plugins and think about it, which plugins do you really need and which is not. Deactivate and delete those plugins that you don’t need.

I think rebuilding your website is not necessary, just remove those elements that you refer to as junk.

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thank you when you mean you say native elemts are you talking like text and headline and image on the left hand side and i don’t know how to code js i just use some plugins for like scheduling and team bios also if i keep some css in the main css file in customizer for like special headers over images or mobile is that fine thanks and sorry if I am confusing or being a pain I am trying to take my design to the next level.

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Its fine, yes I am talking about those elements and the features and options that come with each of them.

Knowledge Base Overview (see Elements section)

It’s fine to use plugins to achieve what you need, but keep in mind the more you have a plugin the more stress to the site and more plugins to maintain and to learn.

Yes, that’s fine as long as there is no syntax error somewhere in your custom CSS. You can check your entire Theme Options > CSS here to see if there is an error.


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