Rearranging Header of Demo installation


I want to change how the logo appears and add something more to the right side of the header.

See the attached image and tell me what to do.


Hey Rita,

Regretfully, that header layout is not possible in X. You will need to upgrade to Pro in order to create a custom header layout. Otherwise, you will need to hire a web developer to customize X Header for you.

Thank you for understanding.


Thanks for your response. I see different demos and I believe the demos were made from the same theme, right?

Now, if I do not want to work with the demo, where is the documentation for setting up the theme are getting what I want?

Or, your theme was hardcoded at the back and difficult for front-end user… who must buy an upgrade?

Hello @ritafelix,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Actually to make changes in X Theme header you will need to make modifications in the header code as they come from templates files. However, in Pro Theme we have have introduced Header and Footer builder tools that can be used to create Global or page specific header and footer without even touching code and all within visual builder. For more information, please take a look at below docs:


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