Purchased Pro, but would like to exchange for X

I’m used to X, and thought upgrading to Pro would be a good idea. I really don’t like it and would like to exchange for X. Is this possible?

Hello @Louie,

Thanks for writing in!

Can you please let us know the issues you are facing while using Pro Theme? One of the cool features of Pro Theme is that it comes with Header and Footer builder tool that can be used to design unique page specific or global header and footer easily. Maybe you can take a look at some of the tutorials from our KB resource to get hands on experience with Pro Theme. If you could let is know the problems you are facing, we will try our level best to help you out with the same.


I’m in the process of making a new website, thought Pro looked like a good upgrade, but I just don’t like all the changes. I’d like to use X instead for this website, and was hoping I could exchange and receive a refund for the difference.


Hi Louie,

Sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with Pro. You mention upgrading from X to Pro but the Pro license in your account has been purchased outright and there are no other licenses in there. Therefore I cannot revert the Pro license to X, nor add an X license since X is sold exclusively at the ThemeForest marketplace.

However, if you go ahead and purchase X then register the license under this account, I’ll then cancel the Pro license and refund it in full. Please drop me a note here once you’ve done that.

Thanks for trying Pro!

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