Problems with logo and topbar text alignment

Hi, I am struggling to get the logo and phone numbers/email aligned.

It works in stacked format but on inline it just doesn’t look right.

I need the text and the logo on the same line.

Please help

Hey Matthew,

What you’re seeing is a spacial limitation. Your menu is very long and the logo’s a bit big. The solution here is to reduce the number of menu items in your menu. If you can’t reduce, at least put other menu items as a sub-menu.

You can also reduce your logo size. You can do that in X > Theme Options > Header > Logo Image > Logo Width.

Another spacing saving option would be to lessen the Navbar Side Link Alignment (px) still in X > Theme Options > Header

Hope that helps.

Hi I have tried this but still does not look correct if you look at the other link I provided then it should be possible. This is how I would like it with xtheme. Xtheme is a premium theme so really this should be simple

Hi again Matthew,

Sorry for the confusion. I was focusing on the Navbar. Thank you for providing an example to provide more context.

The layout in your sample could not be done using the Classic X Header regretfully. For this reason, we have created Pro which thankfully what you’re using. Pro has a Header Builder so your sample header could easily be achieved. Please watch this video recording for a quick demo: That, of course, is not intended not a tutorial. I’m just demonstrating the capability of the Header builder. Here’s another user example recreating the Apple header: Here’s another example of Header Builder usage:

For a detailed Header and Footer Builder tutorial, please watch our tutorial video at

For more Pro usage instructions, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I am not using Pro on this particular site but I do have it available. Can I install it without overwriting content?

Hi Matthew,

Everything should remain as it when you enabled Pro on the site but please note that when you enable the Pro header, you will have to rebuild the header using the header builder although it should be straightforward to setup the header since you will get more options and control over the header elements and the placement of the contents.

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