Problem with the latest versions of revlsider

I purchased revslider and there is a problem with theme x or cornerstone in versions 5.4.6 and 5.4.7. What happens is that the content below the slider shows on screen and then all of the sudden the slider loads and pushes it down. You will be able to see it right away when visiting the site at least for the first time.

I will include the url in private so you can take a look. Please let me know how I can fix it.

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Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any problem on my end.


I asked no to take screenshots and post in public so why are doing this? I will answer when the screenshot is deleted.


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Sorry for the inconvenience, we moved the screencast to the secure note and it is private now.

This seems to be the effect of a Full Screen Revolution Slider. At the first time load, there is no space occupied by the slider. That is why the content is at the top. Then the Revolution Slider JS loads and kicks in, then a white space shows which will show the effect you have.

The first white screen is what it is already in your slider settings. You need to check the animation timings to make it quicker. Also, I suggest that you add a loader to the Revolution Slider:

Also here is a good article showing the correct way to make the slider Full Screen:

Another suggestion that might help is that you add the slider to the Below Masthead option instead of adding in the Cornerstone as you have it as the first slide of the page:

For more information:

Thank you.

Its very sad to see that you are not reading the full problem I described. There are no issues in version This problem only started from the latest versions of revslider. They changed the plugin and thats why im getting this issue.

The above suggestions didnt fix anything. If you didnt test the new versions of revslider then you wont be able to provide a solution. If you want to test it send the new version out to everyone and see how many problems it creates. My impression is that its a conflict between revslider and cornerstone that needs addressing. I went back to the old version, you can see there are no issues now.

Please provide a fix.

Hello There,

At this moment, we cannot give you any fix. The latest supported version is still Please see the latest supported version from here:

We are still testing 5.4.7. This is why it is not yet available in automatic updates. Once our developers is done with compatibility testing, it will be available in automatic updates. Since you have purchased a separate license, I would suggest that you downgrade to the previous version. Only update to the latest one when the theme supports it already.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

If you read again what I wrote you will see I clearly wrote that there is a problem with anything above That means that the problem is there on version I went back to the old version so you can see the problem is gone. This is defiantly a compatibility issue.

Please help.

Please export your slider and give us a download link so we could test it out with Slider Revolution in our test site. If you could also give a screen recording of the issue, that would really help.


Christian, I will be very honest with you, this is turning into a ping pong game where things are bounced back and forth. There is already a recording of the issue in screencast that one of the staff members took, scroll up and you will see it in secure notes. Do not post that link in public.

The staff member recorded the issue I described. If you do not know what the issue is I suggest to read everything I wrote here from the very beginning. This is a conflict with the theme or with cornerstone from version After you watch the video visit my site now and you will not see it because I went back to version

If you need to take screenshots of my site please do it in a secure note.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

I will go back to your original post:
What happens is that the content below the slider shows on screen and then all of the sudden the slider loads and pushes it down. You will be able to see it right away when visiting the site at least for the first time.

I was able to replicate the issue using Revolution slider and Twenty Seventeen theme.

When you first load the page, the slider did not initialize yet. The height of the slider is not set and would like be set to zero or unset. This would display the content also or on the spot where the slider is loaded. As the slider initialized and loaded, this content will be pushed down which is normal. If you want to avoid this, you will have to set a minimum height for you slider. To do that, please check this out:

And to speed up the initialization of the slider, you might want to use Lazy Loading. Please check this documentation:

Hope this helps.

I tried that and it doesnt work. I also tried putting CSS !important and that didnt work either. The only reason it might not have worked is because of the CDN. I will disable the CDN later and see if that fixes anything.

Let us know how it goes!


Hi there, I hang on to this, because I have the same issue with You can see here: But I also have it with Version See here: Just to let you know.

A fix would be great one day. Because of this issue, you can’t use animations in the section beneath the slider because this section has been in the viewport already and so animation had started immediately after page load.


You can try adding a fix height to your row element where your slider resides.

Hope that helps.

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