Problem with Pro - editor


Something strange happened. I added revolution slider and after, when I try to edit the rest of the page it looks bad in editor. My page is this: and this is how I see the editor So the editor show everyhing very badly. I can not edit now the page, since I am afraid if I save, it will save page badly. Please advise.

Hi there,

Would you please kindly make a backup of your website and update the theme to version 1.2.6:

The new version gives a better error handling and you will get an error message showing why this is happening in your environment.

After that kindly follow the instructions below (Especially the plugin conflict and cache section):

If you still have issues kindly get back to us with the information below using the Secure Note functionality of the post:

  • WordPress Dashboard URL
  • WordPress Dashboard User
  • WordPress Dashboard Password
  • Name of the page to check

Thank you.

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