Problem with Custom Font / Media Library

I have a problem with a custom font that is not possible to upload / select:
I enabled uploading custom fonts via functions.php (the snip which is around in this forum) and after uploading these are visible when entering the media library.

When i’m then navigating to Pro - Settings and try to import these font files, using the library, the previously uploaded fonts are not visible. Also the upload is there not possible and a http-error appears (which does not appear when uploading in the normal media library)

I’m hosted on WP-Engine so maybe this is a special config?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Felix,

Sorry that you’re having that issue, this is confirmed bug and already on our issue tracker. What you can do for now is follow the solution provided here.

You can check our changelog page when we release an update to see if a fix for this is included.


This solution does sadly not fix my problem! Seems to be a diferent one? :frowning:

Hi Felix,

I also added the fix I’ve been using on my installation for font uploads and it’s not working on your site as well. Perhaps it’s host restriction. Instead, please upload your font files through Add From Server plugin, then open the import feature again but this time, you don’t need to upload since it’s already uploaded through that plugin but you have to browse and find the uploaded font files and select them. Then hit Select Font File button to use the selected fonts.


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