Problem with a post based slider (carousel)

Ho, I hope you can help me with this Slider Revolution problem.

You you can find the slider here:

I have created a carousel that grab posts from different categories as you can see. I have then followed Revolution Slider documentation to add, for example, title and except to slides. The problem is every element I put inside slide belongs to only first slide and it’s not shared to all post based slider slides. What am I doing wrong?

Another question: I would like to have an hover effect that reveals a semitransparent overlay color together with title, excerpt and another custom text. I have tried to use actions to achieve this, but without success. I have also tried manually, but nothing,

Can you help me please?

Thank you very much

PS: online now you can see the first carousel slide with the overlay effect that it should have on mouse hover.

Hey Alessandro,

This is not possible with Slider Revolution. I’d recommend you use The Grid for this. Here are 2 setup demos of The Grid post slider or carousel.

You will just need to edit the skin using the Skin Builder to show the title, the excerpt and a custom text. For the custom text you will need to use The Grid’s Meta Data. See


Hi, thank you. I have tried The Grid, but now I can’t achieve the result I want.

I would like to have a slider with navigation arrow outside of images (like slider revolution carousel you can see) and with The Grid I can’t achieve this result.

I have follow some tutorials, but they doesn’t cover my needs.

I hope can you help me. Thank you very much

Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for updating the thread!

The feature you are looking for need custom development. Which is out of our theme support scope.
We would encourage you to please take help from a developer to achieve this.

Thanks for understanding!

Oh ok, thanks. If you are so kind to tell where to operate (the files and/or the instructions to change), I can try to do on my own.

Thank you!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: But can you tell me on what files/portion of code I have to work?


Hi Alessandro,

Unfurtunately, we’re not sure about the files too since it’s probably related to filter or hooks that are usually added to child theme’s functions.php. And it’s only recommended way of customization since you shouldn’t edit the core files of the slider directly.


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