Pro x theme - how to stack containers in a bar

In t he pro x theme I am working with the header. I would like to stack two containers on top of each other in a bar. This way when both containers have a transparent background they can share the same background from the bar.

Hi @laureljt,

You need to go to the Bar Flex Layout options and set the bar to be in column mode, that way the containers inside the bar will stack on top of each other:

The header builder uses the Flexbox layout system which I suggest that you double check here:

I also suggest that you check the introduction article of the header builder which will give you detailed information about the tips and tricks:

Thank you.

how would i have it so that i can have both stacked bars share the same background. So the top bar has 1/3 and the bottom bar has 2/3 of one background image?


Regretfully, that’s not possible. You can slice your image using an image editor then add the respective background to each bar element.


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Hi Paul,

thank you for the response. So the only other way would be to able to do this is maybe make the first bar the 4/4 (full height and size) then place the second bar on top with a transparent background?

Hi There,

This is the way you can achieve it.


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