PRO: Wrong alignment of Content Area Modal

i’ve got 4 “content area modal” elements, all the same hight and width (350x350px). In the desktop view, two of them fit into one row, so I see a 2x2 square of my 4 modals. Perfect - but: Although they have the same size, they dont align on top, the second and third ones are moved about 20px down, the last one is correct again.

Can you help me getting them alligned?

Best regards


Hi @ULinn,

Thanks for reaching out.

They are elements added to the same column which has flex inline styling. And they aren’t going to be aligned unless you’ll add each box to each column. You can do that by utilizing the global block feature, please check this

Create your 2 rows 2 columns layout in the global block, then insert it to the first column of that main page’s section.


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