Pro Training Video Location, and playback speed?


I have learned so much from the Pro video (e.g. Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction). But, I can’t find a consolidated list of these types of videos. Where can I find this?

Also, the narration speed is relatively slow (I prefer 1.5x for these types of training videos). With your embedded version, this isn’t an option. Do you have thee hosted on Youtube or Vimeo where we can playback at a 1.5x speed?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing in! All of our knowledge base articles available here ( Apart from that, you should be able to find handful of tutorials on YouTube. For example here’s one tutorial that shows you how to create Apple’s menu using Pro (

Also when searching, I was able to find a playlist of tutorials on YouTube which you should be able to access it from the following link (

Hope that helps.

Thanks for helping me, I dug a little bit into that Youtube link and found enough:

Hi again,

You can also checkout the following guides here and

Thank you sharing the link with us. Cheers!

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