Pro Theme: Static Area on Left Side with Normal Functions to the Right?


I’d like to create a site where there is a static area on the left side, say 1/4 of the width, and then have the rest of the 3/4 be where the header, content and footer areas are.

That 1/4 area would not appear on phones, but would for everything else.

I may at some point want to have a sidebar on the right, so I can’t use the sidebar to create the static area on the left (which is for a vertical billboard kind of logo image).

Is there some kind of template for that? I don’t see one.

If not, then am I correct in thinking that I would just have to craft the areas in sections for a full width design, and not use the regular header and footer functions, but recreate them in the sections I’d like?

It seems like this should not be like asking for the moon, or an original thought, but I’m new to Pro and not sure how to make that work.

Any thoughtful advice would be much appreciated!

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in!

Since you are using Pro theme, you can create a custom header that will display both your header and the fixed left bar in your site. To get familiar with the header builder, please check out this article:

The fixed left bar which is built within your header can be hidden away in smaller screens by utilizing the “Hide During Breakpoints” options. To know more about this options, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Yes, I have a better handle on how that works. I’ve been using Pro to do another site. After working with it there I think I can make the other vision happen. Just takes a bit of getting used to how things can be set up.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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