Pro theme Social Media Icons Not displaying in footer

Hi. I already have my social links urls added in the theme options > social, and I’ve added the social elements to a container in the footer, but I only see Facebook icon there, and not others. What is this social element for if the other social media icons will not show up? Am I doing something wrong here?

Also, I would like to remove the circle around the social media icons.

Hi there,

You are using the Pro theme and the Footer Builder to add the Social Icon, that is why the settings in the Theme Options > Social will not take effect here.

Please go to Pro > Headers and select the header in question and add 3 Social Element and in each case add the proper URL:

And proper Icon:

So think of each Social Element as an individual option to be able to add whatever link and social icon you want.

Use the Border Radius option of the element and make it 0 to change the round section to be square:

Actually, you can change virtually any visual aspect of the element that you want, just surf through options to get familiar.

I suggest that you also read the articles in the Elements section of the list below to get familiar with the tips and tricks of the options:

And finally, to get familiar with the Header Builder I suggest that you start from here:

Thank you.

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I have not created my headers in Pro yet, so I guess that is the problem maybe. I read somewhere you need to have created the headers in Pro otherwise the social media icons will not work in the footer. Is this correct, do I have to start my header in Pro from scratch?

And why when I create the footer content through Pro, does it create another vertical scroll bar?
Thank you.

Hey @michaellanfield,

To your question:

Can you give us a reference where you got the details?

Can you give us the steps to replicate the issue? There’s no vertical scrollbar in the footer when I checked.


I can’t remember where I saw it, maybe I read it wrong, I read it so quickly. hehehe

When I go to the main page I see 2 vertical scroll bars. I want to remove the left one. Also in many browsers as specified before, I cannot see the social icons nor the back to top icon. Firefox is displaying them correctly. Thank you.

I cleared cache in Chrome and still don’t see the social icons or back to top top button.

I answered the scroll bar issue in your other thread.

Regarding the icons, there might be something specific in your browser, computer or network that is causing the issue. Try deactivating all browser extensions and try using another computer and different network.


yes the icons for some reason still do not display. I tried another device and for some reason only on my firefox browser it works, and even when not logged in. strange? Thanks for the scrollbar issue. :slight_smile:


I checked with firefox and chrome on two different computers and can see that the icons are working fine.

Left: Chrome Browser
Right: Firefox Browser

I have also checked in mobile and icons works fine as well.

Try to clear your browser cache and check again.


Damn, something must be going on with my browsers or computer. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

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