Pro stopped working

It seems that pro completely stopped working on my site. I have been working on a new header and everything was fine. I installed the duplicate menu plugin, becuase I wanted to duplicate a menu, and since than pro stopped working. I deactivated the plugin, I deinstalled the plugin, but pro still is completely crashed. This is what my page looks like now: . I I try to open anything in pro it takes for ever to show in preview and than it looks screwed up like the page does. How can I fix this???

Hi @kathringuttmann,

Thanks for reaching out.

I checked and I don’t see any issue from the front, but I did see the active Endurance Cache and it’s set on level 2. Could you try toggling off your Endurance cache and test it again?

Else, please provide your admin login credentials in the secure note as well as the screenshot of what you’re seeing.


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