Pro: model pop up and vimeo keep playing after close


Hello I am using a Content area model to display a video

however when the model is closed the video keep playing and while you cannot see it- you can hear it- how do I get the video to stop playing when they close the window

Hey @b960a518-a049-4215-9,

Regretfully, the Content Area Modal does not have video integration. Please use the Lightbox Shortcode instead. The trade-off here though is that you’ll use an image as a button. But, the result is, you have a responsive video lightbox.

Here’s a sample. Insert this shortcode in a Content Area (not modal) element.

[image id="my-yt" src="" link="true" href="" lightbox_video="true"]
[lightbox selector="#my-yt"]

Hope that helps.

OK thanks it will have to do

You are most welcome!

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