Pro mobile header

I can not for the life of me figure out the mobile header. I have tried a few different headers to get a mobile nav bar to work and nothing is working. Please help.

Running Pro 1.1.0

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It took me a while to work out too.

On your Menu Bar you have to create a second menu container.

The first menu container has your normal menu on it. you have to go to ‘Customise’ on that container, and check the 'Hide During Breakpoints" for the smaller 3 sizes

On the second new container you put a new element on, say ‘Navigation Collapsed’ (one of the ‘mobile’ menu options), and check the 'Hide During Breakpoints" for the larger 2 sizes.

So now, when your page gets narrower it will hide the ‘main’ menu element and then display the new mobile nav bar.

Hope that makes sense

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THAT WORKED!!! Thank you for the breakdown. I don’t have 3 hours of my life to watch all the tidbits of those videos to attempt to get it right. Seems to me that as a responsive site, that there should be an option wrapped into the containers to auto-populate the nav bars into mobile if wanted.

You’re welcome. It was driving me crazy too! I ended up looking at one of the demo themes and trying to work it out from there.

It all kinda makes sense logically, but it’s not very intuitive initially. And I don’t think the videos explain it at all…

Now that I’ve got that working, the primary nav links don’t work. They drop down the sublinks but then you can’t tap to access any of the primary links

Try setting the Hide During Breakpoints on the container, as well as the element

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Cool! Thx a lot!! Helped me to hide my mobile collapsed menu :slight_smile:

Hi @Maik,

Glad it helped you.

@kaleomedia there is a work around to open up the parent menu items, add the following jQuery script in your Customizer via Appearance > Customize > Custom > Edit Global Javascript

	$('.x-off-canvas .x-anchor-menu-item .x-anchor-text').on('touchend click', function(e) {
		var link = $(this).parents('.x-anchor-menu-item').attr('href');
		window.location.href = link;

But please note that it’s just a temporary solution and we won’t be able to support the issues that arises due to the above code.

Hope this helps!