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Hi there

I have spent some time on the headers but so far cannot figure out a way of achieving the menu attached. I tried putting an extra bar but whilst it gives me extra space at the top to use it also puts the shadow on so looks a little weird.

Is there a way of putting the contents as per my image.

the website is still in development so I attach the image seperately.

Many thanks.

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Hi there,

I suggest that you go to Appearance > Menus and add a separate menu for the Social and telephone numbers.

There is an option in the menu item which you can choose to have icons representing the social media:

Then add another menu which will contain the main menu of the website at the bottom of the header.

Then in the header builder add a bar which contains two containers. One for the logo, and the other one for two menus.

Set the bar to have columns in Flex properties. And for the second container which contains the 2 menus make the Flex item to be Row.

Add two inline navigation elements and for the first menu use graphic icons:

For more information about the Flex properties and how you can add options please check the article below:

Thank you.

Thank you so much - will give that a go.

Kind regards

You’re welcome.

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