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I have created a header for all my internal pages and all blog posts. It seems that it breaks the layout for the page. I’m wondering how to move the page content down so it’s now hidden behind the pro header.

Hi @themisfit,

I checked your website and could not find the page that you talked about header covering the content. Would you please get back to us with the exact URL of the page you are talking about?

I checked the URL that you shared in the security note and there is no covering of the content by the header there.

In general, make sure that you set the bar to relative to avoid forcing the content to go behind the header:

Thank you.

that was what I was missing. Thanks.

Is there a way that I can add a little padding to the header as well?

Hi @themisfit,

Yes, you can add the padding to the Bar or whatever element you want by checking the Padding option:

I suggest that you check this article for more information:

As you are working on the header you need to be more familiar with the Flexbox layout system. I suggest that later you read this article for more information:

Thank you.

There is no padding option for the bar. That’s why I have asked.

Hi There,

Sorry for the . confusion!
You are right bar doesn’t have a padding option. Bar only behaves like a container.
You can give padding to individual bar container or the elements.

Thanks for understanding!

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